Breastfeeding ABC Guide

Breastfeeding ABC Guide

Ever wish you could have an experienced mother or breastfeeding ABC guide close at hand when you pick up your baby to breastfeed?  Maybe it’s painful, perhaps you’re exhausted, or maybe your baby’s crying and you can’t remember what you should do next? If that’s you, you should read on…

Breastfeeding shouldn’t be painful or difficult. Follow the Breastfeeding ABC Guide in EarlyBabyDays Pro! and you will be able to do it anywhere. As soon as you’ve learnt to position and attach your baby correctly, everything will fall into place. No more pain and a settled baby and happy mum.

You may even get some sleep! 

Breastfeeding ABC Guide - Smart Phone App

Breastfeeding In Public

Luckily, as EarlyBabyDays is now available as an App, you can carry it with you wherever you go. Even if you haven’t had your baby yet, be one step ahead ... It’ll teach you the secret of a calm, successful, pain-free breastfeed.

  •  Remind yourself how to position and attach your baby
  •  Teach yourself how to tell if your baby has had a good feed
  •  Reassure yourself that you’re doing it right
  •  Follow clear, simple instructions to trouble shoot
  •  All the information you need in handy bullet points and easy to navigate text

Breastfeeding ABC Guide - Advice & Reassurance At Your Fingertips!

With the EarlyBabyDays Pro!  you’ll be able to solve common problems quickly and easily. In a matter of days you’ll be breastfeeding pain-free and with confidence. It will give you the freedom to breastfeed while out with your friends in the coffee shop, ordering your groceries online, or even as you’re reading a story to your toddler.

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