Breastfeeding A B C- Lite!

Teach Yourself to Breastfeed!

This EarlyBabyDays Breastfeeding ABC Guide takes you right through your baby’s breastfeed, starting with the early signs of hunger and finishing with reassuring signs telling you that your baby’s had a good feed.

Be one step ahead! Try to start feeding your baby before he begins to cry.

The secret of a calm feed is to feed your baby when he first feels hungry.

Recognise the early signs that your baby is hungry. Don't wait until your baby is crying before you feed him.

He may have been hungry for a while before he starts to cry.

  • sucking fists
  • waving hands
  • bobbing head
  • fussing
  • sucking lips
  • turning head from side to side as if looking for the breast
  • crying


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