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Hi there! Would you like access to the ‘EarlyBabyDays Breastfeeding ABC Guide Pro!’  for just ... £2.99?

What’s included?

EarlyBabyDays Pro! will give you more helpful advice and information, in bullet point / easy to read form, to save you time

  • Answers to questions new mums often ask – e.g. ‘Have I got enough milk?
  • Learn the secret to a calm feed
  • Easy troubleshooting to solve common problems of breastfeeding
  • How breastfeeding really works 'behind the scenes' and what your baby knows about it already
  • Hints & Tips that help you to get your life back on track after having a baby – things I’ve learnt and want to share because they helped me:
    • your first trip out - make it a positive experience
    • how to increase your milk supply
    • weaning without discomfort
    • clever ways of winding a baby who is reluctant to burp – get him/her settled quickly
    • amazing facts about breast milk 'liquid gold
    • breastfeeding twins, triplets or more. Advice from mothers with 2 or more newborn babies

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Soon available in App form, buy the EarlyBabyDays Pro! App and breastfeed confidently anytime, anywhere!

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